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Lemongrass Outdoor Spray | AtlanTick

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This product is *dog* friendly.  This is a spray that you need to spray all over, avoiding the eyes. Spraying it on your hands and rubbing it on to your dog may be easier, especially on their faces. The oils are diluted to safe levels but should not be ingested, a bit of licking won't hurt. Cats however cannot tolerate or ingest any essential oils so if there is a cat in the house that would or could lick the dog, it would be best not to use.

Shake well:  Spray on all exposed skin, under shirt and around ankles

  • The Do's:

    Do shake well before each application

    Do a spot test to make sure you don't react to the essential oil.

  • The Do Not's

    Do not spray in eyes

    Do not use if pregnant

    Do not use on cats or use in household where cats may lick oils off dog.

    Do not use on infants under 6 months old

     Atlantick is a natural ingredient outdoor spray company, very serious about the ongoing and growing issues related to ticks, and they strive to offer a safe and effective solution to help keep people, dogs and horses free from tick bites and their associated diseases. They have had their spray tested at Acadia University for efficacy against black legged ticks and will be continuing to carry out studies related to repelling ticks and other biting insects.

    AtlanTick meets US FDA and EPA pesticide requirements as a minimum risk product and they have begun the proccess of registering the spray with the Canadian government's pest Management Regulatory Agency. While on this journey they will continue to sell their product as an outdoor spray, with no official scientific claims attached.