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Lava Bead Hair Tie/Dog Collar (Large) | Atlantick

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Made with Durable Nylon Cording: A spring-loaded cord stopper toggle and extra large absorbent lava beads!

To use: Spray lava beads of the lava hair band/collar with Atlantick Repellent Products® Outdoor Spray and enjoy extended scent retention for up to two days. Available in small and large sizes.

1. Place lava bead collar in a plastic baggie

2. Spray Tick Attack into the baggie

3. Allow for the lava beads to absorb the spray

4. Put the collar on your dog, and enjoy 5 hours of tick protection

Versatile: Can be used as a hair band or a dog collar as shown in the product pics.

Size: Our porous Lava Collar come in two sizes and are considerably adjustable, allowing for custom individualized fit.

  • The small extends from 34cm - 50cm (13.4” - 19.7”) circumference.
  • The large extends from 50cm - 66cm (19.7” - 26”) circumference.