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Signature Blend Cat-Friendly Essential Oils For Diffusing (Endearing Earth) | AtlanTick

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AtlanTick Signature Blends were designed for use with the AtlanTick Portable Air Infuser, our waterless ultrasonic space infuser. Always make sure to provide adequate airflow and exits with indoor use.

Endearing Earth 

An earthy blend of Catnip and Cedarwood essential oils, in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

This blend is feline friendly. Looking to use AtlanTick's Signature Endearing Earth Blend for your cat? You have options! Use a Portable Air Infuser to disperse the scent, dab onto their collar/bandana, or dilute and spritz their bedding. Ensure your cat enjoys the scent, and use it to boost their comfort and wellness.

Aromatic Profile

Minty, Herbaceous, Sweet, Woody. This blend is earthy, grounding, invigorating, fresh. 



  • Diffuse Endearing Earth or any of our Signature Blends with the AtlanTick Portable Air Infuser.
  • Use with your favourite diffuser jewellery or lava bead accessory to carry the scent with you throughout the day.
  • Dilute with water to create your own refreshing room spray.
  • Put a few drops on wool dryer balls to add the invigorating scent of Endearing Earth to your laundry.