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Get the whole family involved with this kid-friendly family training set!

Dogs learn how to solve the shell game, pull a rabbit out of a hat, and more when they team up with their human instructors and the Magic Trick! Developed as a family-friendly pet training set and dog activity toy, Magic Trick! comes with training tools, dog games, and activities that help kids (and kids at heart) teach their furry friends through active play and positive reinforcement.

Following along with an expert guide written by a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA), budding trainers will learn the basics of teaching 10 amazing tricks, including how to spin in a circle, "levitate," disappear, and more! Along the way, they'll master the interactive dog toy's fun magic-themed dog enrichment toys and training tools, from a wand-shaped treat dispenser to a rabbit and top hat that doubles as a dog treat puzzle. Trainers can also use the set's 10 training cards to quiz their pup on newly learned sleight-of-paw tricks, dog games, and behaviors. With its training-filled dog puzzles and activities, this training set also makes a great dog birthday toy, as well as a thoughtful gift for dog parents! At Brightkins, our paws-on interactive dog toys and training tools unlock your pets' curiosity and engage the entire family!