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Pooches spin up a swirl of snacks when they figure out the treat-filled challenges in the Spinning Hydrants Treat Puzzle. After you fill this dog treat puzzle's three colorful presents with treats or kibble, your dog must use their nose, paws, and brain to spin their way to the tasty treats inside this stimulating dog toy. As they sniff out the treats, dogs will use their noggins to solve the puzzling challenges and keep their brains boredom-free.

This interactive dog toy is great for first-time puzzlers and veteran sniffers alike, and comes with multiple challenge levels that grow alongside your dog's skills. The Spinning Hydrants Treat Puzzle also doubles as a slow feeder, and encourages fast eaters to take their time and avoid upset stomachs. Want even more ways to puzzle? Check out this dog activity toy's guide--written by a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA), it's got all of the advice and activities you need to keep your pooch happy and engaged and make the most of our stimulating dog toys! Packed with loads of spinning, snacking fun, this dog activity toy also makes a great dog birthday toy, as well as a thoughtful gift for dog parents!