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Cod Small Bites (43g) | BORÉAL

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Boreal 100% Cod Air Dried Dog Treats are a delicious, all-natural treat, made of 100% pure Canadian cod meat. These wafers are rich in protein and are packed with natural omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.

Boreal 100 Percent Cod Air Dried Dog Treats are perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds. These snacks are air-dried to help preserve important nutrients and flavour and are made without any fillers or additives. This cod treat is great for dogs with certain allergies or sensitivities and is a great choice for dogs on limited ingredient diets. Made by a proudly owned Canadian company.

Why We Recommend Boreal 100% Cod Small Bites Air Dried Dog Treats:

  • Great for dogs of all life stages and sizes
  • Gently air-dried to preserve important nutrients
  • 100% Canadian cod meat
  • Great for dogs with allergies
  • Packed with protein and natural omegas for skin and coat health
  • Made in Canada


Cod Meat