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Paw Print Pet Towel (30"x29") | BRB Pets

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Non-Stick Hair & Dirt design made with 100% Recycled Materials

  • Signature Non-Stick Hair & Dirt Repellent materials - The HydroPET towel will provide long-lasting usage for your pets due to the 'weave' of the towel.  After wiping down your pet, when the towel is nearly dry, just fan the towel outdoors and watch all the dirt & hair fly off into the nature!
  • Super Absorbent & Quick-Dry materials - Due to the technical material of the HydroPET Towel, it absorbs 6x faster then a terry towel and dries 3x faster then any towel.

  • Lightweight & Compact - Because of the base material, it provides a large size towel with a compact form factor of a large wallet, both lightweight & compact which allows a great functional towel anywhere you go.
  • Made from 100% Recycled materials  - The HydroPET towel is made from 100% recycled materials, making it a product not only offers function but also saving our lovely green planet.


Small Size - 30" x 29"