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Harp Seal Oil (500ml) | Carino Pets

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Shop local! This product is made right here in Newfoundland!


Seal in some health for your furry friends!

Our cats and dogs take care of us just as much as we take care of them.

So we owe it to our little buddies to put their paws on the path to big health with all-natural, 100% Canadian seal oil. Mix in some superfood goodness to their regular diet and watch the meowgical benefits that are certainly something to bark at!

They’ll run, jump, pounce and play with the energy of a kitten or puppy, and look as cute and handsome as the day you brought them home. 

Seal oil is the purrfect supplement because it contains not only DHA and EPA, but also DPA – a third powerful omega 3 fatty acid that enhances the amount of the other omega 3s in the body.

And because seal oil comes from another mammal, our feline and canine friends can digest and absorb these essential fatty acids as easy as sneaking that t-bone steak off of your plate when you aren’t looking, and leaving them as content as a handful of belly rubs!

Be prepared, this unique source of omega 3 is sure to bring games of fetch up a notch!  Of course, knowing your pet feels good is the greatest benefit of all

Your vacuum will thank you

Seal oil is fantastic for your pet’s skin and hair. It’s also beneficial to cats and dogs that are prone to rashes and other skin conditions. The shedder in your house can enjoy a clean, strong, shiny coat and you can enjoy less fur everywhere! Get the right stuff for the fluff today.

Protect those with the biggest hearts of all

Our dogs and cats love us unconditionally (well our dogs do!), so we should take care of their hearts. Seal oil supports a healthy cardiovascular system by increasing good cholesterol, reducing hypertension, boosting oxygen in the blood and repairing damaged vessels. Enjoy knowing they’ll continue to be your biggest fans!

Say goodbye to sneezing and itching

Pet allergies are no picnic. They can irritate your pet’s skin, affect breathing or simply cause general unpleasantness. Hypoallergenic food, medications and ointments can fetch a large price tag too. Introducing seal oil to your little buddy’s diet can keep both allergy symptoms and vet bills at bay, while you can take comfort in knowing they’re comfortable.

A smart choice

Seal oil: good for heart, body and mind. This wonder supplement has been proven to increase neurological development and cognitive function in cats and dogs, so good luck faking the throw at the park now! Also, we apologize if your cat becomes even more clever than they already are.

Unleash some wellness today

Seal oil is an amazing product that can make a good pet even better. Plus it’s also fantastic for the fetal and infant development of puppies and kittens.

Our seal oil is of a particularly outstanding quality as well, sourced from the icy cold, pristine North Atlantic waters on Canada’s rugged east coast. Did we mention that, as another added bonus, it also tastes great? No fighting with your pet like you would with other medicines. They’ll love the flavour!

Order now to get the most health for your most loved furry friends!

Carino’s trusted process and certified facilities

Carino Omega 3 oil is produced to the highest standards in the world, and our supplements are tested for purity, safety, and levels of DHA, DPA, and EPA. Our advanced refining process purifies the oil by removing environmental toxins and impurities without altering the properties of the seal oil itself. This means you get a 100% natural, fresh, pure, healthy product.


Add to your dog or cat’s food daily according to the recommended dosage. Use regularly for best results. Store away from direct sunlight. Use within 6 months of opening or refrigerate after opening.