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The versatile Coastal® Round Dog Bells are the ultimate accessory to enhance the safety and security of your furry companion. These 1" bells are thoughtfully designed to help you keep track of your dog's whereabouts, ensuring peace of mind during outdoor adventures. The Round Dog Bells are a convenient and practical addition to any dog collar. With their easy attachment to the D-ring of the collar, you can effortlessly secure them in place, eliminating the risk of losing them during play or exploration. The bells produce a gentle jingle, alerting you to your dog's movements and providing an audible signal that allows you to locate them easily, even in dense outdoor environments. For added convenience, the Round Dog Bells are available in a convenient 3-pack. This means you can easily outfit multiple collars or have backup bells on hand. Whether you have one dog or a pack of furry friends, these bells provide a reliable and efficient way to keep tabs on their activities, ensuring their safety and preventing potential mishaps. Not only do these bells serve a practical purpose, but they also add a touch of style to your dog's collar. Their sleek and round design complements various collar styles, blending seamlessly with your dog's overall look. Now you can keep your dog safe while enhancing their fashion-forward appearance. With their easy attachment, audible jingle, and convenient 3-pack, these bells offer a reliable and stylish solution to keep track of your dog. Enjoy peace of mind and enhance your dog's safety during outdoor adventures with the Round Dog Bells, the perfect companion for your furry friend's collar.