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Liker Ball (Large) | cooltugs

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Suitable for large dogs.


LIKER`s unique material combines the best properties of all great dog toy materials (rubber, plastic, nylon and cotton). 


LIKER is lightweight and maneuverable and easy to throw. Its light weight makes it unlikely to break windows or damage any other objects.


LIKER doesn't sink and floats almost entirely above the water surface. It floats on snow too.


The unique material of LIKER is non-toxic; it can be easily bitten but not punctured, it is gentle on teeth and gums of the dog.  Dirty balls can be easily washed. It won't sink into the snow; it can be easily seen in the grass and it floats in water.  You will notice its vibtant colour even in the most overcast day.


It can be used as a chew toy as well as an interactive toy, but must always be used under supervision - do not leave it alone with your dog. 


WARNING: Please note that while durable, it can potentially be destroyed and if swallowed may cause choking.