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Everest Cheese Chew (Single) | This&That

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*Available in Multi-Packs!

Find out what all the hype is about!
A centuries old cheese recipe (Chhurpi) from Nepal has proven to be one of the most flavourful and enjoyable chews on the market. Made by hand for us by family farmers practising their traditional ways. The cheese is dried over a fire for two days high on the Himalayan Mountains where environmental conditions for making the cheese are ideal.  This chew is the perfect, tasty challenge to keep your pup busy on any occasion.

TIP: Did you know that an acid, like natural lime juice, is essential in the cheese making process? This takes the milk from a liquid to a solid state! Salt acts as a natural preservative so the cheese does not spoil during the aging process. It also boosts the flavour that your dog will surely LOVE!


* 100 % natural with four simple ingredients. (Yaks Milk, Salt, Lime Juice)
* Made of entirely novel proteins: Perfect chew for dogs with severe allergies or sensitivities.
* Has three times the Omega Fatty Acids than that of cheddar cheese.
* Virtually lactose free and may be suitable for lactose-intolerant dogs.
* No Chemicals, preservatives or fillers
* Fair Trade; We deal directly with the farmers to produce the best quality cheese available.
* Available in four sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large)
* Waste not, want not! Microwave the last bit for a delicious and crunchy Everest Cheese Puff