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Bloom Pet Fountain | Eyenimal

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The Eyenimal Bloom Pet Fountain is an innovative alternative to the traditional water bowl. Staying hydrated is an extremely crucial factor to your pets well being, as dehydration can lead to various health concerns. With this fountain, you will no longer have to find incentives to get your pet drinking throughout the day. The motion, sound and smell of circulating water captures the attention of your pet, encouraging them to consume more water resulting in a happier, healthier pet.

On top of it’s health benefits, you will find a durable, modern design that will compliment your home. There is two different spout options included, allowing you to try both to see what works best for your small dog or cat. Additionally, as the water circulates it is filtered, aerating the water and removing any impurities.

Why We Recommend The Eyenimal Bloom Pet Fountain:

  • Encourages healthy drinking habits
  • 3 layer water filtration
  • Modern design
  • 2 year warranty
  • Great for small dogs and cats
  • Keeps your pet hydrated


2 Liters