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Step Perch (Wall-Mounted Cat Perch, Scratcher & Lounge) | Houspanther

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The Step Perch provides cats with a special place to climb, scratch and play. A large surface for lounging with a smaller perch above gives cats multiple levels. The vertical sisal scratch pad and hanging plush ball add extra fun for your cat, all in a single, compact and attractive piece that mounts easily to the wall.

  • Thick felt pads on upper and lower surfaces to prevent slipping
  • Vertical scratching surface with replaceable sisal scratching pad
  • Large lower surface for lounging, small upper surface for perching
  • Plush ball attaches under perch for added entertainment

Space-saving - Mounts on wall, doesn't require any floor space
Multi-functional - Combines perch, scratcher, lounge and entertainment in one product
Easy to Install - Hangs on almost any wall with included hardware
Adjustable - Mount at any height to suit your cat's preference for scratching and climbing
Sturdy - Provides a sturdy perch and scratching surface for your cat
Enriching - Enhances cat's environment addressing natural instincts to climb and scratch
Attractive - Sleek lines and quality finish options fit seamlessly with your decor
Measures 23.5" wide x 10.5" deep x 16" tall
Lower platform: 15.5" wide x 10" deep
Upper platform: 8" wide x 10" deep
Replaceable sisal scratching pad: 7" wide x 14" tall
Painted MDF with synthetic felt pad
Assembly required
Includes mounting hardware