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ChiChewy Zippz grooves hold treat paste for a durable toy that satisfies foraging, chewing and fetching instincts all in one. The deep grooves massage gums and clean teeth as dogs chew, with or without treats. The intriguing mix of textures captivates pups for long bouts of interactive or solo play.

  • Grooves massage and clean teeth and gums as dogs chew, with or without treats
  • Grooves hold treats for foraging, fetching & chewing satisfaction
  • Durable material for long-lasting fun
  • Mixed textures captivate dogs for long bouts of chewing
  • Multiple options for interactive and solo play
  • Over 80% of dogs over age 3 have dental problems? Chewing on toys like ChiChewy Zippz can help clean teeth and gums, with or without treats