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Blue Wire iCrate (24") | Midwest

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Folding Dog Crate, Ideal For Dogs 11 - 25lbs

The iCrate 1524BL is a folding crate, which means you can assemble and disassemble it without tools and without taking the crate apart.

This crate is perfect if you have an Australian Terrier, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, or other small breed dog 11 - 25lbs, and is suitable for both home use and travel, since it's a snap to fold it down and take with you on the road.

Lightweight, Great For Travel

Due to the lightweight, and easy folding mechanism, the iCrate 1524BL is ideal if you travel frequently with your dog. It provides you the security of a wire crate, with our lightest weight - you just fold it down and take it with you!

To help you carry the crate, all iCrates come with one, or two carrying handles (depending on model) which can be attached to, and removed from, the crate.

Perfect For The Home, And Training

Not just for traveling, the 1524BL iCrates are great in the home to keep Fido out of trouble when you're not around, to keep him contained if you have visitors, or if you just need to keep her safely out of the way for a while.

The folding design means you can fold it down for storage when not needed, and it stays together, so there will be no parts to lose, or locate when you want to assemble it again. Engage the clip of the side of the crate to prevent it from unfolding while you carry it.

When we talk about a “training crate”, this means a crate that is specifically designed for crate training. Crate training is a great way to reduce house-breaking time, and when performed correctly, your dog should see the crate as his den.

To assist you with crate training, a free divider panel is included. The divider panel installs anywhere inside the crate that there is a vertical bar, and it reduces the inside size of the crate for your dog when she's a puppy. One crate is all you need for your puppy and adult dog.

A Host Of Great Features, Unbeatable Value

In addition to the divider panel, 1524BL iCrates also include an ABS plastic pan and carrying handle(s), come finished in an attractive, durable, satin-black black e-coat finish, and feature safety rounded corners (no sharp edges to scratch, or snag), so you'll find the iCrate is great value.

  • Single door - easy entry and exit through the convenient door.
  • Secure latch - secure single latch with ingenious “locking” mechanism.
  • FREE divider panel - can cut your housebreaking time in half.
  • Folds up and down - store it all together, or take it with you when you go.
  • Includes carrying handle(s) - just pick it up with the ergonomically-designed handle.
  • Blue powder-coat - good-looking, long-lasting, rust resistant finish.
  • ABS pan included - a comfortable floor for your dog, also contains any mess.
  • Beautiful in "Hey Baby Blue"