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Cat Tree

Regular price $136.99


This collection of cat tree features natural looking cat furniture, double knitting paper rope perches and condo is durable and upscale. Natural paper material plays an essential part when it comes to the scent of the furniture, cats feel reassurance when curling up to a spot with their own scent. Condo and perches with plush pillow provides a safe and comfortable hide way for cats. Sisal post is sturdy and attractive for our feline companion to fulfill their scratching needs.  


PetPals paper rope condo & perch with sisal post.An elegant yet practical line of cat furniture. This cat tree is not traditional in its design and style, making this cat tree a welcome addition in your house. It satisfies the daily activity needs with a condo, scratching post, and perch with a teasing toy.The subtle neutral tones are easy to integrate into your home! Super easy to clean! Lint roller or vaccum, with spot cleaning. 


Assembled Product Dimensions (WxDxH):