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Pretty Paws Designer Harnesses

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The New Berlin Rose harness is purely inspired by the famous Chanel Bag with its recognizable, elegant diamond pattern influenced by the cushions in Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment. True to style, its nylon-quilted composition is custom-made with graceful accuracy using linear needlework giving the piece its unique, feminine figure and shapely silhouette, while the exquisite pearl ribbing adds a subtle touch of majestic elegance. The word rose is derived from the French word “pink” for sweetness enhancing the design to caress the sense of chic, soft, luxurious appeal. This transcendent arrangement is delicately constructed with alluring, iridescent, blushing accentuation for the significant purpose of expressing love and beauty with sweet, charming characteristics personified in the stylish pet fashionista.


The James Bond harness is named after the popular action movie icon, James Bond, who made the classic tuxedo look effortless and handsomely dapper. The tuxedo originated in the U.S. around 1888 and was named after Tuxedo Park, a Hudson Valley enclave for New York’s social elite. The unique approach in designing this structured piece involved the 3-dimensional execution for the rouge bow-tie instead of the regular white accessory as it gives the entire look a significantly prominent element of playful appeal. The light grey stitching running throughout the outer ribbing portrays the essence of a more distinguished rendering by giving it that custom, tailored gentleman charm. The silver embroidery seen in the buttons presents a classic elegance as it dresses up every pet magnificently with a modern swag in dashing, debonair, 007 styles.


The Levis Strauss harness is inspired by the riveted denim blue jean pants invented by Levis Strauss in New York in 1871. The unique design carries similar uniform characteristics found in the popular denim blue jean pants, such as the 5-sided pentagon pocket and yellow-gold embroidered stitching, which is matched to the ‘Imperial Saffron’ honey leatherette ribbing inspired by Louis Vuitton’s extravagant, stylish handbags as the perfect ensemble set combination. The denim jean is a fashion icon changing throughout history and is still worn as a protective garment due to its high durability content. Because of this reason, the strong composition is perfect to withstand the wear and tear from the elements of the ever-changing environment, as well as the unpredictable nature of animals.