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Soft Fit Muzzle | RC Pets

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Convenient for times when your pet may feel anxious or afraid, the Soft Fit Muzzle is a secure and comfortable temporary muzzling solution for your pet. Constructed from breathable mesh fabric and featuring soft padding at the nose for snug comfort, the Soft Fit Muzzle is easy to put on and adjust, ensuring a gentle and secure fit for your dog.


Explore the details

  • Designed with padding at nose opening for optimal comfort (sizes XS-XL).
  • Adjustable slider provides a secure fit and prevents strap from loosening.
  • Breathable mesh panel and nose opening, allows dog to pant freely thus preventing overheating.
  • Reflective RC Pets logo for lowlight visibility.
  • The Soft Fit Muzzle was designed as a temporary restraint only and should not be used for prolonged periods. Never leave a muzzled dog unattended. Check fit before each use.