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Cat Deterrent For Gardens | Skeddader

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A key problem with animals in your garden is that outdoor animals do what outdoor animals do. And, they sometimes “do” it in places you don’t want them to. Cats and dogs are carnivores. Their feces can contain parasites or pathogens not present in herbivore waste. And, if your garden is a vegetable garden, you were likely planning on eating those vegetables. That makes unwanted intruders doing their business a big concern.

Animals also like to dig. Whether they are neighbourhood pets or your own pets, digging up your garden can be a serious nuisance.

Did you know that roaming domestic cats kill small birds and insects – pollinators – that, if you’ve done your job right, your garden is trying to attract. You don’t want the headache of dead animals and insects in your garden. And, you want to maximize your yield so want to reduce anything that will reduce pollination to occur.  

Now, you don’t want to harm the animal nor your horticultural masterpiece. In addition, tall fences, lattice or fences with an electrical current are all expensive.

There are various ways to deter (modify their behaviors) those four-legged-intruders from your gardens and other no animal areas so you can live in harmony with them.

Of course, we think the easiest and most humane method is to simply sprinkle Skeddader cat (or dog) deterrent in and around those areas. Our specially designed Skeddader deterrent is safe and effective for up to 6o days.