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Snuggle Puppy Replacement Heat Packs (6pk) | Smart Pet Love

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Heat packs are:

  • environmentally safe
  • stay warm up to 24 hours
  • all natural
  • disposable
  • odorless


The heat pack contents contain Iron Powder (35g), Activated Charcoal (18g), Water (9g), Vermiculite (7g), Sodium Chloride (4g)

Instructions for disposable heat packs:

  • Simply open the package; this will begin the heating process. (It typically lasts up to 24 hours)
  • Place the pack (with or without the pulsing heart) into the underside Velcro pocket
  • If you do not wish to use it for 24 hours, simply seal it in a plastic bag and squeeze out the air to stop the heating process

Please Note:

While the ingredients in the heat pack are environmentally safe, there is always the potential that your dog could get an obstruction from ingesting any foreign material. If your dog accidentally ingests the material, please reach out to your vet and closely monitor your dog for any abnormal behavior.