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Multi-Functional Leash | It's Tangly

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This truly is a multifunctional leash that has six different functional arrangements; around the waist for hands free walking, a slip leash, traffic leash, coupler leash, regular handle grip leash, collar leash. The leash can be adjusted by simply loosening the knot and sliding it to the desired spot. For the slip leash, untie the simple overhand knot and let the strong o ring float on the rope. It is lightweight, flexible, and weather resistant.
Keep in mind that as you adjust the wearable portion, and change through the different functions it will directly affect the length of the leash. If you come up with another way to use our leash other than those listed above we would love to hear about it!
Made from 10mm Polypropylene. This rope has a fine woven sheath and supple inner core. It is flexible, strong, weather resistant, and is quick to dry. This rope was made specifically for dogs and other animals. While we don’t recommend for you dog to use it as a chew toy, it is non-toxic and safe for animals and humans.