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Choose the collar your dog will love wearing! This waterproof dog collar by WAUDOG is made of innovative water- and dirt-resistant material — Collartex. It’s extremely durable yet flexible and lightweight — makes a truly perfect waterproof


SMELL-PROOF — Collartex doesn’t absorb any smells and it doesn’t even have its own smell.

NICE TO TOUCH — It’s very soft and velvety — you’ll love having it in your hand, and your dog will love wearing this waterproof collar. Collartex doesn’t pull your dog’s hair and cause any discomfort — the collar will gently rest on your pet’s neck.

SMART QR TAG — It’s a modern digital solution for your dog’s safety. This pet tag has a QR code on it that leads to a multifunctional mobile app.

VIVID COLORS — It comes in 4 vivid colors. You can easily create perfect looks to make your dog a fashion icon on walks.

PLASTIC BUCKLE WITH A LOCK — The buckle is secure and enhances with a lock that prevents unwanted unlocking. The clasp never opens by itself!