Waterproof Leash (Assorted Colours, 6ft) | Wau Dog

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WAUDOG WATERPROOF Series is made from innovative COLLARTEX material developed by the COLLAR company.   These high-quality, durable and stylish waterproof dog leashes have aluminium alloy carabiners.



  • Stylish, bright, durable and ultramodern;
  • Leashes are made from COLLARTEX: withstands heavy loads and is highly durable;
  • Soft on the hands: does not rub (burn) hands. Remains soft and flexible, even in the cold;
  • Practical: waterproof, easily washable, bright colours that don't fade in the sun;
  • Carabiner made of durable aluminium alloy in titanium grey colour;
  • A unique texture prevents slipping even if the leash is wet.